When head lice invade your home, you go into an overdrive as you seek ways and means to eliminate them. Though there many suggestions and ideals on what works and what doesn’t .there are head lice home remedies which have been tried, tested and found to be effective. Let us look at some of them.

Wet com method

This is a method whereby the hair is made wet using a conditioner, then combed using a fine toothed comb known as lice comb. Before this kind of home remedy is affected, you will need to massage the hair thoroughly with the conditioner before using the lice comb. It is a process rather than an event, so you should ensure that you repeat it   after every few days. In a week or so since the initial application, all the lice in the head will be gone. The idea is to be consistent and thorough.

Use of oils

There are various types of oils which have been found to be highly effective as head lice home remedies. Think of anise oil, lavender oil, clove among others. They are known as essential oils whose efficacy have been proven over time and do not therefore require any further validation by Federal Drugs Administration (FDA).

How do these oils work?

Oils like lavender have a toxic effect on the lice, killing them as a result. They are also highly toxic to the lice, causing death to the nits as well as damage to the eggs such that they would not hatch after being exposed to them.

Smothering products

Imagine the lice and nits in an environment where a coat has been formed on them such that they will not get air. They will suffocate and die as a result. This is exactly how the petroleum jelly, mayonnaise, butter and olive oil work. They are applied on the head and covered using a shower cap for some hours.

Should you use gasoline or petroleum?

Although these two could potentially kill the headlice, they are not advocated as head lice home remedies due to their nature as flammables. Such products are dangerous and should therefore not be used on the skin.

General cleanliness

As a rule, you should observe the highest level of hygiene by cleaning all household items that may have come into contact with the lice or nits. In order to effectively wipe out the lice from your household, you should use hot water on beddings, toys or any other type of clothing. The heat will kill the eggs and nits. People whose clothes are suspected to be infested with lice should be kept separate from the others to minimize the spread of lice infestation.

All items of cleaning the hair such as the lice comb and brushes should be cleaned in hot water and soap as they may harbour head lice after being used.

There are households which cannot be cleaned with water, so head lice home remedies for such includes putting them in sealed polythene bags.


The floor and any other type of furniture should be vacuumed cleaned as way to get rid of lice that could be hiding in them.

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