Lice infestation is common in many households. Unfortunately, many parents with pre-school going children are left devastated when schools re-open and your child turns up one evening with lice in the head. Pesticides may not be effective all the time, hence the need for natural lice treatment.

It is very easy to deal with lice from a natural point of view. What is important is to identify the extent of the lice infestation before launching a natural lice treatment for total annihilation of the lice. It is not only effective but generally inexpensive.


There are various approaches to the issue of lice infestation. One of them is regularly combing the hair. This is a natural way of removing the lice from the hair. The act of combing removes not only the adult lice but the nits too. Investing in a lice comb is one sure way to defeat lice. Look for a good nit comb online where professional nit picker’s source their combs.

However, buying a comb is only half the job done. You will need to learn how to use one. There are videos online demonstrating how to use a nit comb. If you learn how to use the comb, you will be able to remove over 90% of the lice without your hair forming tangles. Good combing style stuns the lice so much that they are not able to survive the onslaught. Though this natural lice treatment is effective, it will only work if you are thorough in your undertaking, failure to which lice will continue to multiply.

Natural oils

There are natural oils which are more effective than the pesticides. A good example of such natural oils includes tea tree oil and lavender. These natural oils kill lice so effectively that it is possible to eliminate all the lice in the hair. However, ensure that you get quality oils as there are some oils sold as essential oils but whose efficacy is questionable. Aromatherapy oils are sometimes stocked for this work but cannot kill the lice. Any adulterated essential oils will fail badly and the spread of the lice will continue.


It appears that lice are very fragile such that lack of air even for a short time will kill them in a few hours. There are some natural ingredients which create a coat that blocks the lice from accessing air. This leads to suffocation and eventual death of the lice. Mayonnaise and petroleum jelly are but two examples of these natural products that you can use to eliminate the lice. Suffocation is not only inexpensive but highly effective. All that you need to do is to apply the said products and put on a shower cap before retiring to bed. Repeating it a few times will see all the lice dead and you will be free from lice.


All said and done, prevention is always better than cure. If there are ways to use before resorting to natural lice treatment, then they should be utilised. Cleanliness, combing hair and conditioning the hair will greatly help.

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